Genes for repairing DNA, metabolizing glucose and suppressing inflammation may help some rockfish live for hundreds of years.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
Researchers used DNA from leeches' last blood meals to find out what animals live where in China's Ailaoshan Nature Reserve.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
The carnivores play a unique role in breaking down calcium, phosphorous from prey.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
New research shows how oil spills and their cleanup harm water striders, raising questions about the broader ecological impacts of even small spills.
Brian Owens, Contributor
Researchers found fewer tree seedlings on noisy plots in a pinyon-juniper woodland, likely because the sound drove away animals that disperse seeds.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
Walls, fences and other obstacles hamper the mobility of mammals and birds.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
It’s becoming increasingly noisy beneath the waves, but people can do something about it.
Tom Metcalfe, Contributor
The insects adorn their hives with animal feces to fend off giant hornet attacks.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
New research method’s validity confirmed by bottom trawls.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
Scientists can identify plants by the light they reflect.
Tess Joosse, Contributor
Treatment that eases bipolar symptoms in humans stops risky behavior in infected sticklebacks.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
This month in disquieting science.
Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator