The findings could suggest it's possible to learn simple information while snoozing.
Brian Owens, Contributor
The running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, helped researchers study what happens when lots of people suddenly wish to move quickly.
James Gaines, Contributor
Reducing the speed of the already-slow replication process could be a new way to attack the disease.
Haley Weiss, Staff Writer
Signs of attraction such as laughs and gestures could not predict how much blind daters want to see each other again.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
Fox-like dog described by first Europeans to visit the remote islands was an ecological anomaly.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
Many people around the world eat insects, but still some of us are squeamish about eating them.
Inside Science Contributor
Researchers use virtual-reality roller coasters to peer into the brains of people with migraine.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
Science and baking go hand in hand to make delicious treats even better.
Inside Science Contributor
The COVID-19 pandemic might have just been a trial run for the next virus threat.
Inside Science Contributor
New research shows the climate effects likely varied widely around the globe, with the Northern Hemisphere suffering the most.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
Wearing masks for more than a year could have been a key factor in why many states can now lift mask wearing restrictions.
Inside Science Contributor
Researchers are using the motion capture technology to look at the hand movements in patients with possible osteoarthritis.
Inside Science Contributor