A Swedish company launches one of the first models of an all-electric powerboat.
James Gaines, Contributor
Low-flying aircraft could soon fill the skies. Scientists are trying to fight the noise they could bring.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
A new study can help the city plant better trees.
Krystal Vasquez, Contributor
Driverless cars may soon routinely join human motorists on roads around the world.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
A new plane about the length and width of a car propels itself by electrifying air molecules to create an ionic wind.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
Results from a new survey reveal cultural differences in whom participants prefer to be spared in fatal accidents.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
Scientists discussed the feasibility of battery-operated semi-trucks and airplanes at a meeting of physicists in Los Angeles.
Yuen Yiu, Staff Writer
Researchers are learning how to train pilots for the unexpected.
Joel Shurkin, Contributor
The technology is progressing quickly, but the main challenge may be overcoming our fears.
Brian Owens, Contributor
A new model assesses the likelihood of a driverless car crash.
Marcus Woo, Contributor
Study estimates that without new "congestion pricing" policy, kids would have suffered 45 percent more asthma attacks.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
Artificial lung reveals surprising dangers from pellet burners and diesel-fueled ships.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer