New findings suggest the famous geyser went dormant during a period of severe droughts -- a condition that could recur in a warming world.

Catherine Meyers, Editor

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By mimicking the diabolical ironclad beetles' wing cases, engineers may be able to build stronger joints for applications such as airplanes.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
Learn what NASA has been doing for more than 60 years.
Inside Science Contributor
Samuel Acheampong is using the Nobel Prize-recognized technique to tweak the genes of traditional Ghanaian crops.
Catherine Meyers, Editor
Research suggests crystals form in cooling magma at an astonishingly rapid rate.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
The hair-filled balls were discovered in a 3,000-year-old cemetery in northwestern China.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
Astrophysicists can now piece together the moon's past, including the role of its fleeting magnetic field.
Ramin Skibba, Contributor

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