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Inside Science is an editorially independent nonprofit science news service run out of the American Institute of Physics and supported by a coalition of underwriters. We produce breaking news stories, features, essays, op-eds, documentaries, animations, and news videos. These appear on insidescience.org as well as on partner sites across the web and in print. We also syndicate our content to other news organizations, and our stories have appeared in places such as:

NBCNews.com The Washington Post
FoxNews.com Slate
Christian Science Monitor Business Insider
Charlotte Observer Real Clear Science
The Huffington Post CBS Digital
Scientific American San Francisco Chronicle
Philly.com MinnPost.com
LiveScience PBS Learning Media


Through our works, we aim to thoroughly explore and accurately capture the search for discovery around the world -- to expose both the small corners and the broad vistas of the modern scientific landscape. Everything we write and produce is for the general public, and we approach this audience through a multitude of voices and perspectives. We also embrace as part of our mission the public service of addressing and correcting inaccurate or misleading information we find on the web. We believe an accurately informed citizenry should be a cornerstone of modern society.

Comment on Editorial Independence

Most of our staff and contributors are journalists, and we strive to adhere to the highest journalistic standards. This starts with editorial independence. We work hard to produce high-quality, insightful and accurate science news that is editorially independent and free of outside influence.

The stories we cover come from editorial team decisions, and we do not have a mandate to cover any specific journal, field or scientific organization, including those of AIP, AIP Publishing, AIP member societies and Inside Science underwriters. Stories are written and edited by Inside Science staff and contributors alone and are not routinely vetted or shared with any other parties at AIP or other organizations prior to publication. The one exception is for routine fact-checking with a source, but all editorial decisionmaking rests with the Inside Science staff alone.

Because Inside Science is housed within AIP's News Division, which also provides PR and other media services to AIP and its member societies, some of our staff produce and edit press releases for AIP and its member societies. They also perform other activities that promote the societies and their science. We are vigilant about avoiding conflicts of interest, and our staff will recuse themselves from discussing, editing, previewing or otherwise potentially unduly influencing any story where a conflict may exist. We also seek to assiduously disclose any and all appearances of conflicts of interest, and wherever any appearance of a conflict exists, we promise to fully disclose that fact within the stories themselves.

If you have questions, let us know ([email protected]). We value your feedback. It will help us produce better, more understandable and more relevant science journalism that you can trust.

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