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2012 Year In Review: Inside Science

Fri, 2012-12-28 16:43 -- bstein
Dec 28 2012 - 4:30pm
By: Christopher J. Nicolini
The detection of a new heavy particle resembling the long-sought Higgs boson was the top Inside Science News Service story of the year. Image credit: CERN

Here at Inside Science, we have been quite busy over the last 12 months. From reaching new highs for overall content views and audience levels, to adding new major news outlets that use our content, and creating and launching a new video product (Inside Science TV), 2012 has been a very productive and successful year for our science news organization.

So to wrap up the departing year--and showcase some specific examples-- here are some of the top stories from each of our Inside Science sections.

Inside Science News Service (ISNS) - ISNS produces journalistic articles on research news and related topics for the general public, ready to run for syndication and attributed reporting by other news organizations. 

1.       Physicists Detect New Heavy Particle
2.       See-Through Soil Could Improve Crops
3.       What if Reality Was Really Just Sim Universe?
4.       Why Many Olympians Will Pee Pink or Purple
5.       Studies Show Wind Power's Massive Potential

Inside Science Currents (ISC) - ISC is Inside Science's blog, featuring posts about science news and related topics by our team of writers and editors.

1.       Dice Rolls are Not Completely Random
2.       A Planet Made of Diamonds
3.       A Final Olympics Blog: World Record in the 800 meters

Inside Science Minds (ISM) – ISM features guest columns on research and development and public policy penned by noted scientists, scholars, engineers, mathematicians, government officials and other key figures in the science community and allied fields.

1.       Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe
2.       Making Decisions at the Speed of Sight

Inside Science TV (ISTV) - In addition to the ISNS, ISC, and ISM content we’ve produced this year, 2012 also marked the launch of our new video product, Inside Science TV. Designed to provide science news segments (known in the industry as packages) for use within the news broadcasts of local television stations across the country, these stories cover a wide range of topics within many areas of the science, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. Since each package is provided to broadcasters as a complete, ready-to-run piece, they fit seamlessly into local television station’s newscasts, helping to add a bit of interesting science news to the typical newscasts of these stations across the United States.  ISTV pieces are also released on the web, and designed for easy sharing via social media.

Here are the top five Web-viewed ISTV stories from 2012:

1.       Bowling Robot Shows How to Throw More Strikes
2.       Butterfly-Inspired Flying Robots
3.       Higgs Boson Could Help Explain How We Exist
4.       StarCAVE Pushes 3D Virtual Reality to New Frontiers
5.       Michael Phelps' Secret Catch

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The entire staff of Inside Science wishes you a healthy and happy New Year. See you in 2013!
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