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Animal behavior

Chinese researchers solve the complete DNA sequence of the pernicious pest, revealing some of its evolutionary secrets.

Jason Socrates Bardi, Editor

Parasitoid wasps that lay eggs in other creatures may represent more species than any other group of animals.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

Migrating chimpanzees appear to conform to local nut-cracking culture, even when they know a better way.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

Camera traps show the bizarre place where oxpeckers spend the night.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

To conserve energy in winter, shrews shrink their brains and sacrifice cognitive ability.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

Fish expend energy metabolizing drugs and personal products in fresh water.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Ingested bombardier beetles force toads to puke them out.

Marcus Woo, Contributor

When it comes to raising golden-headed lion tamarin babies, everyone cooperates -- especially the grown males.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

Female turkeys pick males based on dangly facial ornaments called snoods -- the more dangly, the better.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

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