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Concerned scientists look for “Harry Potter” effect to explain Indonesia’s new owl trade.

Olivia Trani, Contributor

Tube-lipped wrasses overcome coral's defenses with bizarre puckered lips.

Nala Rogers, Contributor

Expeditions will delve into the wild, looking for species that haven’t been seen for at least a decade.

Brian Owens, Contributor

A one-legged stance doesn't need much effort.

Marcus Woo, Contributor

Birds reach amazing heights without flapping their wings.

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer

Toothache may have driven famous Tsavo lions to prey on humans.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

Old females decide when and where their tribe will travel.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

How bees use dancing to communicate.

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer

Newly discovered spinning mechanism could inspire new materials.

Catherine Meyers, Staff Writer

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