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Newly discovered spinning mechanism could inspire new materials.

Catherine Meyers, Staff Writer

Scientists use cave spider populations to plot climate change and threats to species.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Scientists look at the genes of bees to learn why some are so aggressive.

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer

Scientists test pesticides to see how they affect bees.

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer

Maybe some bees, but not all, say scientists.

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer

Commercially managed bumblebees and honey bees may be contributing to wild pollinator decline.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

This selection of images showcases a few examples of the many unfamiliar -- and often threatened -- wild bees from around the world.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

Their eight eyes take on different tasks to assist in navigation.

Marcus Woo, Contributor

Clams made yearly temperature records centuries before we took measurements.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

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