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Misconceptions and false information dominated with 185,000 tweets during big storm.

Jason Socrates Bardi, Editor

Only the biggest waves can stir up warm water in ocean depths.

Marcus Woo, Contributor

"Young" rocks from gigantic volcanic eruptions are helping scientists peer back 4.5 billion years.

Emily DeMarco, Staff Writer

I couldn't help but remember how very important Dr. Gray was to my science writing career.

Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer

Meteorologists using a group of mobile instruments to improve storm warnings.

Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer

Did you know you can "eClimb" the summit of Grand Teton?

Emily DeMarco, Staff Writer

The colors of Yellowstone's hot springs come from microbes called thermophiles, which flourish in the boiling water. 

Odd viruses flourish in boiling, acidic Yellowstone hot springs.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Scientists learn to measure the threat from radioactive aerosols after an accident.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

It's important to address the physical impacts of shifting weather patterns.

Kenneth Kuhn, Guest Columnist

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