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Researchers discover hot spot off the coast of Italy with up to 1.9 million pieces of plastic per square meter.

Joshua Learn, Contributor

Study of fish personalities highlights the importance of wildlife as individuals, not just species.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

A collection of perhaps 20 whales swimming in front of icy mountains, dorsal fins extending out of the water.

Researchers suggest that a previously unidentified factor may drive whales to migrate.

Jesse Kathan, Contributor

Bacteria help drive Earth's chemical cycles and climate. Viruses drive the bacteria.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

A new study in Vietnam offers hope for a massive freshwater species.

Amanda Heidt, Contributor

The image shows a dense forest, interspersed with a river and islands.

Expeditions in remote Amazon waterways result in identification of two previously unknown electrified fish.

Joshua Learn, Contributor

Sandy beach with cabanas, sunbathers, and piles of sargassum, as a man moves a wheelbarrow full of the seaweed.

Researchers are learning how to cope with the arrival of the sargassum’s “brown tide."

Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, Contributor

A Komodo dragon still, with a deer in the background.

Komodo dragons outlived their giant reptile peers through isolation and some lucky breaks, although cannibalism and virgin births may have helped.

Joshua Learn, Contributor

Researchers discover evidence of a kauri tree "superorganism" in New Zealand.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

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