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Science and technical awards give credit to innovators behind spectacular visual effects and animation techniques.

Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer

A virtual reality room called StarCAVE takes scientific exploration, and potentially home entertainment, to a whole new level.

Inside Science Television

No longer banned from using telescopes, women are ascending in stellar studies.

Stephen P. Maran, Contributor

Duke professor's theory unites physics, engineering, and March Madness.

Carrie Arnold, Contributor

New basketball study finds nifty backboard aiming method; reveals best 'sweet spots' to use the glass.

Chris Gorski, Editor

Science and engineering feats so good they deserve an Oscar.

Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer

Advanced question and answer system vies for the title of game show champion.

Juli Berwald, Contributor

Exposure to the elements brings new challenges to the game.

Chris Gorski, Editor

Treating the biggest moment of an athletic career just like any day at the park is crucial for success.

Chris Gorski, Editor

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