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The image shows a flight simulator with a cockpit with controls, as well as a set of screens with a pilot's view of the plane's surroundings.

Researchers are learning how to train pilots for the unexpected.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

AI is helping to identify safer techniques in construction work.

Marcus Woo, Contributor

Photo of people on an escalator

Now, how to convince commuters?

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Find out how more bicycles on the road actually makes it safer for both cyclists and motorists.

Marsha Lewis, Contributing Producer

A new device can recognize that you are too sleepy before you do.

Karin Heineman, ISTV Executive Producer

"The Sports Gene," by David Epstein, provides a terrific review of the science of elite athletic performance.

Chris Gorski, Editor

Researchers test new road technology enabling cars to interact with one another.

Inside Science Television

Mobile devices gather piles of data that you may actually find helpful.

Inside Science Contributor

Experts suggest steps for avoiding the back pain that has affected 64 percent of children.

Inside Science Television

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