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Wood from the foundation of a 2,000-year-old building in Rome traced to a mountain forest in what is now France.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

The disease disappeared, but Anne Boleyn's ghost still walks the bloody tower.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

People in a hall. The walls are covered in images of people, horses, archers, and decorations.

New data sheds light on the impact of an ancient drought.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

Recently uncovered archaeological evidence matches the Bible's account of Babylonian invasion 2,600 years ago.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Doing dangerous things in pursuit of new knowledge was par for the course for this Prussian polymath, born 250 years ago this month.

Catherine Meyers, Editor

Tarp covered archaeological site sits deep in a green river valley

Artifacts found in Idaho support theory that humans reached the Americas before a land route to Asia existed.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

Composite image shows skull on right and the reconstructed face of a human ancestor on the left.

Nearly complete skull of Australopithecus anamensis found in Ethiopia.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

Fossils from 50,000-67,000 years ago represent Homo luzonensis, discovered in a cave on the island of Luzon.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

New tools are creating a trend in archaeology research: excavation without digging.

Katharine Gammon, Contributor

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