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Do dreams have a purpose, or are they all just stories and images our minds create?

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Instead of trying to fight the disease, researchers are focusing on beefing up the brain cells to live alongside the disease.

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

How depression and psychological distress can impact radiation therapy treatment for people who have cancer.

Jason Socrates Bardi, Editor

If you’re an urban dweller, you might be less happy than your suburban counterparts.

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Insights into natural brain rhythm could help people with Parkinson's disease.

James Gaines, Contributor

New insights could improve cochlear and retinal implants.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

How do we transmit information from one person to another?

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Experts debate the legal promise and pitfalls of technology for peering into people's minds.

James Gaines, Contributor

A study that compares the multitasking abilities of awake sleepwalkers and non-sleepwalkers provides insights into the nature of awareness.

Peter Gwynne, Contributor

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