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Scientists use physical models to quantify human consciousness.

Yuen Yiu, Staff Writer

If you are suddenly really hungry at 3pm it's because your brain feels like it's chemically high!

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

According to some scientists, watching cat videos should be encouraged at work.

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Virtual reality is helping the way we treat pain.

Karin Heineman, ISTV Executive Producer

What you need to know before your next shopping trip.

Karin Heineman, ISTV Executive Producer


New technique may allow more precise and less invasive study of the brain.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

Why love is addictive.

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Device could look into the eyes to detect brain injuries.

Marsha Lewis, Contributing Producer

Scientists demonstrate how the brain physically understands language hierarchically.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

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