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Physics and society

A new report explores the murky waters of marketing to cancer patients.

Lisa Marie Potter, Contributor

Here's why you should totally ignore marketing statements on food packaging.

Sara Rennekamp, Contributing Editor

In coming decades it may be possible to use brain imaging as legal evidence.

Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, Contributor

Federal and local law agencies are teaming up to test unanalyzed rape kits.

Benjamin Plackett, Contributor

Security agents should chat more and watch less, according to a new study.

Nala Rogers, Contributor

Preserving paintings is now a matter of chemistry.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Ballot length could also affect lines at polls.

Chris Gorski, Editor

How recent weather conditions can influence people’s beliefs about climate change.

Karin Heineman, ISTV Executive Producer

Researchers warn of “dot-health” Internet domains being sold to the highest bidders.

Benjamin Plackett, Contributor

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