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How can we wrap our minds around the truly wicked problem of climate change?

Inside Science Contributor

U.S. and Indian citizens don't see a need to wait for an international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Alison F. Takemura, Contributor

Physical scientists aren't trained for all the political and moral issues.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Experts say there are many misconceptions about synthetic cannabinoids.

Benjamin Plackett, Contributor

Game theory provides a clue.

Chris Gorski, Editor

Two new studies suggest rising populations for famous predators.

Peter Gwynne, Contributor

Return of one predator helps another find more food.

Ranjini Raghunath, Contributor

One group pays, both profit in computer model.

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Is it possible to put a dollar value on the beauty of a river or to judge the worth of a wetland? Some conservationists think so.

Allison Jarrell, Contributor

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