The animals' bodies contained pollutants not found in dolphins before.
Joel Shurkin, Contributor
A month’s worth of cool science stories, summed up
Alistair Jennings, Contributor
Researchers discover hot spot off the coast of Italy with up to 1.9 million pieces of plastic per square meter.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
New research finds plastic particles in Arctic snow, in amounts that surprise scientists.
Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, Contributor
The fate of battleship remains may rest in the hands of countries that don't own the ships.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
What goes down our drains could harm the environment.
Sofie Bates, Contributor
So-called plastic crystals could open new avenues in the quest to make refrigerators with only solid components.
Brian Owens, Contributor
Researchers saw spikes in hospital visits, inhaler refills and violent crime in areas inundated by wildfire smoke.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
Desalination's leftovers may negatively affect oceans and ecosystems.
James Gaines, Contributor
For 75 years, scientists have been trying to devise a way to make a vast supply of radioactive and chemically dangerous waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation safe.
Valerie Brown, Contributor
Is pollution killing a flower’s scent?
Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer
New theoretical models help urban planners understand how residents think about clean air.
Jennifer Leman, Contributor