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Inside Science brings you understandable, relevant science news that you can trust in an increasingly complex world.

Traditional science journalism is in a state of crisis. Mainstream news organizations continue to cut jobs, with full-time editorial staff positions in U.S. newsrooms falling to pre-1978 levels. Quality science coverage is often one of the first casualties in a newsroom, if it ever had a science desk in the first place. Inaccurate, misleading information runs rampant on the Internet and throughout our society.

Inside Science produces editorially independent research news and information on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related fields through news articles, videos, guest columns, and other media.

Inside Science strives to give you the science news that helps you become a better informed citizen, a wiser consumer, and a member of society who understands how science fits into the rest of the world.

We are a nonprofit news organization, funded and supported by a coalition of societies that underwrite our efforts. We share a common mission to provide accurate news and information about science and related topics to the general public. We do not promote a single branch of science, journal, or scientific society. We do not face the pressures of for-profit commercial sites that publish overhyped or misleading stories in an effort to get as many clicks as possible. Instead, we look for the science news that is important to your life and helps you better understand the world around you.

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism identified Inside Science as an emerging source of news and information "that could advance citizens' knowledge about public issues."

PBS Learning Media, the online educational arm of PBS, which has over 1.7 million registered users, posts Inside Science content as resources for students, teachers and librarians. We syndicate our content to news organizations so that they can provide accurate, relevant science news to their audiences.

Inside Science offers a variety of internship opportunities for early-career science writers. For more information, please contact Chris Gorski (

Inside Science Products

Inside Science News Service (ISNS) produces science news articles on research and related topics for the general public, ready to run for syndication by other news organizations including:

  • Christian Science Monitor 
  • Charlotte Observer
  • The Huffington Post
  • Scientific American
  • LiveScience
  • The Washington Post
  • Slate
  • Business Insider
  • Txchnologist
  • Real Clear Science
  • CBS Digital
  • SFGate
  • Scripps National Desk

Inside Science TV (ISTV) produces news videos that show what's new and what's happening in science, engineering, and mathematics. The videos are designed to fit seamlessly into television broadcasts, educational websites, and on the web and social media.

Inside Science Minds features guest columns on research and development and public policy penned by noted scientists, scholars, engineers, mathematicians, government officials and other key figures in the science community and allied fields.

Inside Science Currentsis a blog that features posts about science news and related topics by the Inside Science team of writers and editors.

Behind Inside Science

Inside Science is produced by the American Institute of Physics (AIP), based in College Park, Maryland, and supported by AIP and a group of underwriters that include multiple science societies. Inside Science is a division of AIP's News and Media Services department.

Our content can be viewed online. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We welcome media organizations, groups or individuals to reprint our content. Before you do, check out our reprint rights for more information and contact Chris Gorski ( before reprinting. Finally, you can contact the Inside Science editorial team by email at

Inside Science Internships

Inside Science offers remote and on-site internship opportunities. Our internship offers budding science writers the chance to work closely with the Inside Science editorial team to pitch, research, and write science news articles on deadline for publication on and beyond. These internships result in course credit when applicable.

Our on-site internship is offered during the summer months and is hosted at our office in College Park, Maryland. Applicants are typically sought in January and February.  

Application for quarterly, semester-long and summer remote internships are continually accepted and considered. For more information on an internship with Inside Science or to apply, please contact Chris Gorski ( or 301-209-3087). 

The Inside Science Team

Chris Gorski (, Senior Science Writer and Editor, Inside Science

Emilie Lorditch (, News Director, ISTV

Karin Heineman (, Executive Producer, ISTV 

Emily DeMarco, (, Staff Writer, Inside Science

Laleña Lancaster (, News Content Production Specialist, Inside Science

Krystal Dell (, Business Development Specialist, Inside Science