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Global Winds Could Explain Record Rains and Tornadoes

Thu, 2013-01-17 09:58 -- llancaster

Researchers propose a common root for recent storms
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Jan 17 2013 - 9:45am
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Global winds could explain record rains, tornadoes

University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Jonathan E. Martin

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  1. Jet stream - Air currents that move west to east; studied by meteorologists for weather forecasting and used by pilots to reduce the length of airplane flights.
  2. Super jet stream - A combination of polar and subtropical jet streams.
  3. Polar Jet stream - A jet stream that serves as the boundary for cold air from the north.
  4. Subtropical Jet Stream - A jet stream that serves as the boundary for warm air from the south.
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