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Solving The Mystery Of The Earth’s Core

Thu, 2013-04-18 15:19 -- llancaster

Scientists discover common element involved in Earth’s formation.
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Apr 18 2013 - 3:15pm
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  1. Earth’s crust: the outer layer of the Earth, very thin in comparison to the other three layers. The crust is only about 3-5 miles thick under the oceans and about 25 miles thick under land.
  2. Earth’s mantle: the thick layer of hot, solid rock between the crust and the molten iron core. The mantle makes up the bulk of the Earth, accounting for two-thirds of its mass.
  3. Earth’s outer core: it’s about 3000 miles beneath the Earth’s surface. It’s believed the outer core is made up of super-heated liquid molten lava.
  4. Earth’s inner core: it’s about 3900 miles beneath the Earth’s surface and is the center of the Earth. It’s believed the inner core is a solid ball of mostly iron and nickel and contains 0.1-0.8 percent carbon, making it the largest reservoir of carbon in the world. 
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