Researchers in Brazil are hunting for unofficial roads -- many of them illegal -- tied to rainforest destruction.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
Climate change may cause trees to live faster and die younger, releasing their carbon into the atmosphere.
Gabriel Popkin, Contributor
Surprisingly, it’s the trees, not the bugs, that matter.
Gabriel Popkin, Contributor
‘Megafires’ jeopardize the black-backed woodpecker’s habitat.
Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, Contributor
A new study links increased temperatures caused by climate change to California's worsening wildfire problem.
Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, Contributor
Researchers discover evidence of a kauri tree "superorganism" in New Zealand.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
Scientists explain the lime green look of spring.
Catherine Meyers, Editor
A new study highlights the magnitude of transmission lines' potential negative effects on the forest.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
Critical ecosystem’s first global height measurement could aid climate change fight.
Gabriel Popkin, Contributor
It’s now more common to see multiple giant wildfires burning at once, straining firefighting resources, scientists say.
Ramin Skibba, Contributor
Despite conservation efforts, close assessment of Pando reveals significant losses. 
James Gaines, Contributor
Satellite images reveal widespread forest growth, but new trees won’t halt climate change and biodiversity loss.
Gabriel Popkin, Contributor