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Mind, body, health, disease, medicine and hope

The human experience is driven not just by the natural processes that shape our minds, bodies and world, but also by our ability to understand and shape those processes. From good health to terrible disease, from the foods we eat to the drugs we take, and from simple psychology to the the complexity of consciousness.

The short answer is yes.

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

If you’re an urban dweller, you might be less happy than your suburban counterparts.

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Insights into natural brain rhythm could help people with Parkinson's disease.

James Gaines, Contributor

Mice gene research reveals connection between hair color and immune response.

James Gaines, Contributor

A genetic variant linked to cold sensation and migraine headaches may have helped people survive in northern climates.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

How do we transmit information from one person to another?

Alistair Jennings, Contributor

Just how dangerous is flying to your health?

Joel Shurkin, Contributor

Some cannabis-derived treatments are now being tested for their ability to help certain skin diseases

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer

Experts debate the legal promise and pitfalls of technology for peering into people's minds.

James Gaines, Contributor

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