Nobel Prize 2021

Strychnine is so difficult to make in a lab that chemists, including Nobel winners, have long competed to synthesize it more efficiently.
Joshua Learn, Contributor
The medicine Nobel Prize recognized researchers studying how our bodies sense temperature and touch. Pain is much more complicated.
Brian Owens, Contributor
Researchers established a new kind of environmentally friendly and cost-effective catalyst.
Chris Gorski, Editor
Two scientists share the prize for modeling Earth's climate, while a third is honored for discovering hidden patterns in the behavior of disordered complex materials.
Catherine Meyers, Editor
Award recognizes research that explains how our nerves sense the environment around us.
Haley Weiss, Staff Writer
Beginning early Monday morning, Inside Science will cover the three most anticipated science prizes of the year.
Chris Gorski, Editor
These significant advancements could win the Nobel Prizes in physiology or medicine, physics and chemistry.
Inside Science Staff