Sports Tech

Devices that nudge the rich and middle class to exercise don't offer same boost to those with lower incomes.
Brian Owens, Contributor
New study boosts the promise of one day being able to diagnose concussions quickly and easily on the sidelines.
Chris Gorski, Editor
Testers who wore these devices that track sweatiness found the data useful for monitoring emotions and managing stress.
Yuen Yiu, Staff Writer
Setting up the field for the 'London Series' between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees presents significant technical challenges.
Peter Gwynne, Contributor
Data science and machine learning are helping basketball players up their game.
Marcus Woo, Contributor
Goal-line technology and a “VARification” system could reduce the number of controversial refereeing incidents during the tournament in Russia.
Peter Gwynne, Contributor
Aerodynamic experts suggest that Adidas' Telstar 18 should fly true and be less controversial than balls from past tournaments.
Marcus Woo, Contributor
Plastic tracks could reduce the cost of Olympic “sliding” events and make the sports more environmentally friendly and accessible.
Peter Gwynne, Contributor
In annual speed test, international teams must negotiate the complexities of aerodynamics and airflow.
Ramin Skibba, Contributor
No stadiums at next summer's Women's World Cup will have grass.
Peter Gwynne, Contributor