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Six Stellar Photos of August’s Solar Eclipse

Six Stellar Photos of August’s Solar Eclipse

We offer another round of applause for the summer’s biggest astronomical event.

Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 16:00

Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator

(Inside Science) -- This month, we feature six stunning shots from the most anticipated astronomical event of the summer. Please enjoy this slideshow as we take you across the United States to re-experience the spectacular “Great American Eclipse.”


Rick Fienberg, of the American Astronomical Society, snapped this breathtaking photo in Madras, Oregon, while on TravelQuest International’s Pacific Northwest tour. He captured the rare sight of a total solar eclipse together with two stars. On the left sits the clearly visible Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo. To the right is a much fainter point: Nu Leonis, a binary star system in the same constellation. Between them, the sun’s shimmering corona extends out to both stars, framing the totality in epic clarity. (Rick Fienberg/TravelQuest International)


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Abigail Malate is a graphic designer at the American Institute of Physics, which produces the editorially independent news service Inside Science.