Zack Savitsky is a science journalist and graduate student in the Science Communication Program at UC Santa Cruz. Before that , he studied public relations and physics at the University of Florida. In his free time, he enjoys exploring diverse environments – both with his eyes and through a camera lens. You can follow him on Twitter @savagitsky.

Jessica Orwig is a freelance writer for Inside Science focusing on physics. She majored in astrophysics at Ohio State and earned her masters in science and tech journalism from Texas A&M. When she’s not at her computer you can find her biking, hiking, painting, or playing the piano.

Will Sullivan is a staff writer and editor at Inside Science focusing on physics and space. He majored in mathematics and minored in music at Swarthmore College. When he isn’t writing about science, he can be found running long distances, playing music with friends, and watching science fiction and horror movies.

Haley Weiss (@haleysweiss) is a staff writer and editor at Inside Science. Her work covering the intersection of science, health, and culture has appeared in The Atlantic, Scientific American, VICE, and more.