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Black holes, galaxies, mysteries and space travel

Our coverage sheds light on the boundless darkness, the physical violence and the mysterious, awesome reaches of our universe. We ponder how it all began and about our place in the cosmos: Are we alone? Is there life on other planets? Will interplanetary travel save the human race? We also explore space through images, videos and illustration. 

New research explains the careful choreography of a multi-planet system called Kepler-233.

Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator

Astronomers examine pairs of tiny colliding galaxies, twisting each other and tugging at their clouds of gas.

Ramin Skibba, Contributor

After top dark matter candidate fizzles out, physicists look to more exotic realms.

Ramin Skibba, Contributor

Images of distorted galaxies provide a new resource for studying dark matter and dark energy.

Ramin Skibba, Contributor

Our planet might not have always been the biggest rock in the inner solar system.

Ramin Skibba, Contributor

Assessing what the LIGO detection means for other gravitational wave searches.

Gabriel Popkin, Contributor

Congress almost defeated the LIGO program before it was ever built.

Jason Socrates Bardi, Editor

Scientists detect billion-year-old gravitational message.

Gabriel Popkin, Contributor

The challenges of nourishing astronauts on years-long trips.

Charles Q. Choi, Contributor

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