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New Device Spots Bacteria Behind Eardrum

New Device Spots Bacteria Behind Eardrum

Detecting biofilms can better diagnose and treat chronic ear infections.

New Device Spots Bacteria Behind The Eardrum

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 14:15

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  1. Otoscope - A medical tool with a tiny light that is used to examine the ear canal.
  2. Biofilms - A slimy, glue-like substance made of a thin layer of microorganisms that stick to surfaces. Biofilms can stick to all kinds of materials, including the tissues within the body.
  3. Eardrum - A thin, cone-shaped piece of skin, located between the ear canal and the middle ear. Once sound waves travel into the ear canal they vibrate the eardrum, which your brain eventually interprets as sounds.

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