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Safe Or Out? The Umpire Is Probably Right

Safe Or Out? The Umpire Is Probably Right

Baseball fans are quick to think the player is safe, but they're often wrong.

Safe Or Out? The Umpire Is Probably Right

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - 14:30

Sofie Bates, Contributor

(Inside Science) – Because the speed of sound travels slower than the speed of light, baseball fans up in the stands tend to mistakenly think the player is safe because it takes the sound longer to reach their ears. However, umpires are closer to the action and have a more accurate view of whether a player is safe or out.

"The umpire does have a more accurate representation of what’s going on. Whereas what the audience members are perceiving is more of a real life lag, so to speak," said Chandler Krynen, a researcher at Arizona State University.

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Sofie Bates is a science journalist and videographer based in Washington D.C. She holds a bachelor’s degree in genetics from the UC Davis and a master’s in science communication from UC Santa Cruz. When she’s not reporting neat science research, she likes to try new recipes, read science fiction novels, and hike with her camera in hand. Follow her on Twitter @sciencesofie