Add A Dash of Science

Science and baking go hand in hand to make delicious treats even better.
Inside Science Contributor

When a lot of people think of science, thoughts of laboratories, beakers, and safety goggles might come to mind. But give the kitchen in your house a second look the next time you are hunting for snacks. It may not look like a science lab, but the cooking and baking that goes on it has a lot of science going on. Things like the slightest temperature adjustment can have a huge impact and either enhance or destroy a batch of delicious cookies. Think about it. If you are making cookies, the best results come from chilling the dough before cutting out shapes. If the dough is too warm, it will stick to the cookie cutters and be mushy. Too cold, and it’ll be rock solid, and you won’t be able to separate it.  Watch the video for more science and baking tips.

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