Extreme weather

Experiments reveal electrical sparks might light up the raging dust storms on Mars.
Nikk Ogasa, Contributor
Touring the world through storm watchers
Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator
The National Hurricane Center is finally seeing their ability to predict a storm’s strength catch up to their ability to track it.
Meredith Fore, Contributor
The hurricane season is just getting started and the storms are predicted to have a big impact this year.
Emilie Lorditch, Contributor
Hurricane survivors pass their grippy toes on to their offspring.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
A new study suggests a correlation between volcanic activity and heavy rainfall, but other volcanologists are skeptical.
Rebecca Boyle, Contributor
Superbolts unleash a thousand times more energy than typical lightning.
Inside Science Television
The Saffir-Simpson scale relies on wind to categorize a hurricane, but it doesn't account for storm surge or flooding.
Sofie Bates, Contributor
Scientists reporting on severe weather can get hit hard by emotions, flashbacks and even nightmares.
Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer
What happens when a tornado spins in the opposite direction
Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer
Scientists explain why some people ignore extreme weather warnings and some people listen.
Emilie Lorditch, Staff Writer
Climate change is warming our oceans, and that thermal energy is fueling stronger hurricanes.
Annie Roth, Contributor